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Garmin Integration

Garmin Integration

GEOTAB is all about offering our customers ease of use and technology that improves the way they operate. The IOX-GARMIN provides a method for customers who specifically use dispatchers to communicate with their drivers.

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Harnessing the power of IOX

The GEOTAB GO7 device is the world’s only expandable plug-&-play vehicle telematics platform that allows for unique IOX expandability. The IOX-AUX gives you the opportunity to monitor a variety of vehicle inputs, allowing you to comprehensively manage your fleet.

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Standard Rules are used to ensure your fleet is not being abused by drivers or other workers

A Rule is used as a precautionary measure to avoid any physical damage to the vehicle and driver or any reputational damage to your brand. The MyGEOTAB software has a few Rules that can be activated or deactivated by a simple click of a button. These rules are what we call our Standard Rules…

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15 Security Recommendations for Building a Telematics Platform Resilient to Cyber Threats

The connected vehicle provides countless new benefits

The connected vehicle provides countless new benefits, namely safety, efficiency, and convenience. However, connecting vehicles to the internet has opened up concerns over cyber security and sparked an industry-wide discussion.

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Insight to a solution process

Insight to a solution process

In today’s market, companies do not have the freedom to invest in products or services that are “nice to have”. Although this seems like a broad statement, the fact remains that what may be a need by one department, may be seen by another department as unnecessary. Now as a Business Development Manager for the fastest growing fleet telematics company in the world, I too come across this problem from time-to-time. How does GEOTAB AFRICA overcome this hurdle?

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Stay connected with GeoTrax

Stay connected with GeoTrax

As technology changes, there is a constant need to stay connected with what is most important to you as a business. GEOTAB AFRICA would like to introduce you to GeoTrax by ZenduIT, an app designed to meet the needs of fleet manager/controllers on the go.

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Why Reverse Parking is Safer

Why Reverse Parking is Safer

Driver safety does not stop in the parking lot. In fact, drivers should be even more vigilant of their surroundings while operating their vehicle in a parking lot. Following parking safety strategies and reverse parking into your space could potentially save lives.