Risk and Safety Reporting

Risk and Safety Reporting

Without a doubt, every company has their own set of rules for safety requirements. Some are more in-depth than others due to the nature of their business.

Most companies are conscious of the negative consequence of accidents and try to mitigate the related risks, thus the need for tailor-made safety rules and regulations. Looking at any given logistic company, it’s compulsory to have your driver behaviour monitored.

With GEOTAB AFRICA’s risk management reporting feature, this allows collective data such as speeding, seatbelt usage, braking habits, harsh cornering and reverse usage. The management of such behaviour ensures that your industries safety’s standards are always met.

Examples of the report rules:

  • Harsh braking: This is an indication of a dangerous driving habit of a specific driver- This report captures data of the rules that are being broken.


  • Afterhours Usage: Can be used to capture mileage done after business hours.

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  • Customers can also set up various other rules, for example, seatbelt usage: GEOTAB ensures that only accurate information is supplied.

Keep your drivers safe and customise your rules according to your company’s specific requirements. GEOTAB’s fleet management software is designed to provide you with sophisticated analytics, yet simplified for modern use.

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Author: Felisha Chetty, Key Account Manager – GEOTAB AFRICA KZN

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