Idling Cost Analysis

Idling Cost Analysis

So one of our Business Development Managers (Steve Swart) in KZN, did a sensitivity analysis on possible savings that could be realised, and he decided to focus on wastage through unnecessary idling costs within a fleet.

I must say that I did not expect massive savings as it was not really a fleet that I would have expected idling to be excessive (Security Company), but nonetheless supported him to do the analysis and to present the results.

The results are encouraging as indicated by the round 1 infographic above, showing that more than R80k is being spent just on idling, and more than 15 tons of CO2 emission.

It is early days with this specific company as we are also analysing speeding, accidents, wear and tear and a number of other cost elements within this fleet, so watch this space as we continue to share this with you.

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